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fromSCRATCH fest 2013: SJ Esau
SJ Esau — live at fromSCRATCH fest 2013
Release date : Nov. 03, 2014
Label : fromscracth


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flag-eng On 20 and 21 September 2013 at exfila club, Florence, fromscratch records has celebrated 10 years of activity: 30 releases, more than 500 concerts. Disturbing domestic peace since 2003

This is the live at fromSCRATCHfest of SJ Esau. Enjoy it!

flag-ITAL0001Il 20 e 21 settembre all’exfila, Firenze, 2013 fromScratch records ha festeggiato 10 anni di attività: 30 uscite discografiche, oltre 500 concerti.

Questo è il live al fromSCRATCHfest di SJ Esau. Godetevelo!

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